Entertainment 3: How has Mass Entertainment developed in Recent Times?

Entertainment 2: What were the major developments in the 1950s and 1960s?

Entertainment 1: What kinds of Entertainment were influential in people’s lives up to 1945?

Sport 3: How has Sport in England and Wales been affected by changes in society since 1950?

Tourism 3: How far have Tourism and Holiday Patterns changed since the 1960s?

Tourism 2: How much did Tourism and Holiday Patterns change in the 1950s and 1960s?

Sport 2: How important was the contribution of Sporting Heroes during this period?

Sport Leisure and Tourism: Exam Preparation

Sport, Leisure and Tourism Unit – Tourism Section

Sport, Leisure and Tourism Unit – Leisure Section

Tourism 1: What opportunities did people have for holidays up to 1950?

Sport 1: What were the main characteristics of Sport up to 1945?

Sport, Leisure and Tourism Unit – Sport Section

History of Nigeria

Bleeding, Purging and other Medieval Treatments

GCSE Unit 1 Pre-release Paper: Impact of Medical Developments on Mankind

Live Video-Link Discussion with Sir Graham Watson, MEP

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