Enrichment Week

ICT Activities. Based in the VLC All Week! - Woohoo!

Graphic Illustratioin - Xara - New This year the Create a Comic Project! - In Central Resources there are two comics that have been scanned one is Bart Simpson the other is Peppa Pig (Oink). 

Look through either of these magazines and find a section in the comic you would like to re-draw yourself. Create a new version of the graphics and print this out. Over the week we will hope to get the whole comic re-drawn and each design put on display in the VLC.

Graphic Illustratioin - Xara - Illustration of your favourite Celebrity, Muppet or cartoon Character! 

If illustration is new to you watch the video on how to draw Cheryl Cole in Xara and then do your own!

Illustration ideas are also - Find a high quality picture from Google Images and re-draw it. Use a high quality picture from Autotrader?

  • Moshi Style manga Characters.
  • Cars - Interior as well as outside view
  • Holiday Destinations
  • Sports Celebrities

Programming - Using Scratch and the Examples in Central Resources, write your own game. Modify and existing game by changing the characters etc.

Animation - Try out the new Toon Boom Software. This is new this year and you need to get good at it!

Create a short story by drawing and animating your own characters.

Design and Build an App. Of your own choice!