Create Resources

This is a page designed to help you create resources for our VLE. We really want staff to make their own video resources and produce targeted effective learning resources for our students.

If you can get a microphone organised, a few minutes to watch these tutorials and you will be away!

We have seen massive benefits in using this resource as both an indexed web video resource where staff have provided information for targeted YOUTUBE videos to be chosen, reviewed and published by Chrissie at the VLC. As well as a place where teachers can publish their own videos of tutorials and lessons. We see a huge growth in this this over the coming years and our students love it!

All subjects can use this system which has been developed to remove barriers for access and barriers to getting the resources online! - We have staff now whose job it is to help you get  your resources produced and on-line!


I show you how to capture the screen using screencast-o-matic. This is a very good solution and gives you a full 15 minutes of capture rather than alternatives such as (For Year 9 How about a video like this?).



In this video I show you how to upload your school videos to your own youtube account via your email username and password.



We are very keen that you have carefully chosen resources for your students. Please put your own videos up or ask Chrissie to find relevant youtube videos to support learning in your courses.



In this video I show you how to use Powerpoint to create a video introduction. This is a very cool thing to do so will only appeal to the very keen staff and students. I look forward to seeing how you get on.



This is an introduction to the special effects that are free within youtube. You can also use the on-line video editing app within youtube. I show you how!



If you have any queries please contact me. [email protected]


Other very useful links. - download Camtasia on a trial or buy it! - Or try their other products - recordings up to 15 minutes free. - shorter recordings!

Submit work to be put onto the VLE here.