Baseline Questionnaire

Progress Sheet (Continuous online portfolio).

Year 7 - Schemes of work.

Year 8 - Schemes of work.

Year 9 - Schemes of work.


These are now old. 

Status from September How to use Paigntononline.com How to use the Academy Network Design an Avatar at face Your Manga.com All About Me in Powerpoint! How to use the Paignton Community and Sports Academy Email. How to create and upload videos Great graphics software. Everything tio plan an event! Database design Download and use Audacity Learn to Programme in Scratch Games Design using Gamemaker Design your future home! Online Programming Robots and Computer Control Blogging Using Blogger! Design a newsletter! - In Publisher. Sharing and Searching 'Connectivism'. Spreadsheets 1 More Advanced Spreadsheets Create a QR Code How to build a web app

Illustration: Drawing Muppets as an introduction to illustration in Xara Extreme.

VERY Important - CEOP Website.


ceopYear 7 have already started using this and have covered: How to use the VLE an introduction. How to use the network username and passwords. They have created an avatar, built a Powerpoint about themselves. Year 7 have also setup their email with the Academy Gmail. They have customized it and added their avatars! Currently Year 7 are working through the sharing and searching unit where they are using google docs to work collaboratively and now making sure they are excellent at searching on search engines! They are using software on Google Drive. Coming up in the Spring term... Some fun animation using Pivot where students can download the free software and get really good at it at home! - After that we will be producing some illustration graphics in Xara. Then building a newsletter using Xara and Microsoft Publisher! Then maybe building Apps and using QR Codes! - Homework will all be set on the Learning Gateway.

Year 8 Have been blogging using blogger 'What it's like to live in Torbay'. This was followed by a review of Google docs in Google Drive and working collaboratively. Sharing and Searching and coming up in the Spring Term we will be working on a Newsletter in Publisher and Xara followed by a unit on Programming. Then Spreadsheets, Computer Control and Games Design! - Homework will all be set on the Learning Gateway.

Year 9 have been completing blogs in Blogger as year 8 with email and Google Drive reviewed and collaborative learning and sharing and searching (Connectivism). Year 9 are starting to use the 3D Design package Sketchup and are designing a 3D model of a futuristic home. You tube video work is then going to involve making an introduction video in Powerpoint and using youtube to edit videos together. This will be followed by work on 2D Graphics in preparation for BTEC work starting after Easter. Homework will all be set on the Learning Gateway.

ICT Levels. See this for more info.


Lesson Starters - Ideas

Animation - Starter with Brain Pop

Data Base - Sorting - Investigating

Online Safety - Protecting Your Reputation Online!

Online Behaviour

Set up a group on http://www.edmodo.com and have your students sign up to the group then just give them a few minutes to "play" with it. Watch what they do and how they interact. This can prompt many different discussions such as:

  • Changing a profile picture (real image or avatar? Yet, significance given this is a closed or 'protected' network)
  • Absence of DMs
  • Text language and emoticons
  • Replying to threads
  • Netiquette in general

Starter Graphics - LOGO Design

Review! - Try a thumbs up thumbs Down or Thumbs Horizontal to let the class show you if they have made progress today!





KS3 Progress and Personal Record Sheet